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What is your “tipping point” for making a phone call to Changing Places? Here are a few common reasons that our clients have called us:

  • A client may be on a wait list for a retirement home, with some time to get organized for the eventual move.
  • One half of a couple may be in declining health or have a terminal illness. Often that person wants to get his affairs in order and provide for his spouse while still able to do so.
  • Some clients have experienced a major health event such as falling and breaking a hip, or being diagnosed with diabetes or heart troubles.
  • A year or so after the death of a spouse, some clients become frail themselves and need more support in their living arrangement.

These events are often overwhelming in themselves – why add the stress of organizing your own move into the mix?

Contact us below for a free consultation, to determine your “aging in place” or moving needs:

Our teamIn Victoria
Jane Dewing, HND, RPN, CPCA
Changing Places Victoria
jane [at] changingplaces [dot] ca

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