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About Changing Places

We know that helping seniors move means caring for people’s physical and emotional well-being. Our approach is as gentle and non-invasive as possible, and we help our clients to focus on the positive aspects of the move.

Let Changing Places take care of the details!

Planning and Coordinating

  • Assisting with packing and unpacking
  • Supervising movers and other professionals
  • Scheduling pickups and utility hookups and installations
  • Planning and organizing the layout of your new home
  • Settling you into your new residence

Moving Activities

  • Attending to the client’s needs on moving day
  • Providing team and supplies before the move
  • Packing and clearing out all spaces
  • Supervising movers to meet the time schedule
  • Unpacking and setting up furniture and belongings
  • Creating your home by suppertime

 Downsizing and Emptying Your Home

  • Sorting and identifying items for dispersement
  • Develop and executing a sales strategy
  • Finding a new home for specialty items
  • Arranging shipping to family
  • Coordinating pickup for charity or recycle
  • Arranging cleaning of empty former residence.

By the end of your moving day your bed will be made, rooms set up, with all packing materials removed and kitchen ready for use. The daughter of a client recently wrote to us saying, “You really were there for my mum during every step of her move. Living in Toronto and not able to be there for mum during her move was very upsetting but as soon as you were involved I knew it was going to be okay.”

 “… Unpacked and with a fresh cup of tea, my first night in my new home was wonderful! Everything was in its proper place.”
~ Sally Morgan

About Changing Spaces:

Perhaps you don’t “need” to move. For many seniors, we can help you make all the adjustments you need to “age in place” in your current home. This can be as simple as decluttering and adding mobility aids and safety features, or we can help move all your living space onto the main floor.

Enjoy the comfort of your own home, with the convenience of a living space designed for your current needs.

Changing Spaces helps you when you need:

  • Adaptations to your current home
  • Freshening up of key spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom
  • Tools to make your daily routines easier

We manage and coordinate changes in your home for aging in place, including:

  • Downsizing and clearing possessions you no longer use
  • Creating a safe and independent living environment
  • Referring you to professionals who can help you adapt your home